ERTMS with satellite positioning trial completed

ERTMS with satellite positioning trial completed by Ansaldo STS. On Sardinia. So, if nothing else, worthy of a technical visit. Seriously though, good to see some technology development in the ERTMS field is still going on, because we desparately need more affordable implementations and technology that is not already obsolete at the time of roll-out. I have always been a bit sceptical about using satellite positioning in ERTMS, because of the obvious questions surrounding its use in (long) tunnels. But on the face of it, this technology might be able to emulate or interface with conventional wayside implementations, and then it does not need to be used inside the tunnel!

So lets’s wait and see when it appears in a formal ERTMS Baseline. By 2020? And would that then be Baseline 4 or Baseline 44?

Wim Coenraad 2019